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  Chuzhou loose long electric pumps co., LTD is located in the beautiful reed {langya} at the foot of the mountain。Focus on the production of various kinds of shielding pump、Vacuum pump、Magnetic pump,Pump industry engineering。Single phase of production、Three-phase asynchronous motor。The pump and motor power level can be covered0.75kW—132kW,Can satisfy the air、The ship、Railway、Chemical industry、Food、Refrigeration、Air conditioning and other industries demand。In order to promote the competitiveness of the enterprise product quality,Successively from Switzerland、Germany、Japan to introduce advanced CNC machining center、High precision surface grinding machine、Wire cutting machine tools、Numerical control machine and other advanced processing equipment,Greatly improve the product quality。For later development of the emu、The locomotive traction converters such as railway shielding pumps......

Contact phone number:0550-3831066
The company address:Of chuzhou in anhui province huai river east road603Number

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The phone:0550-3831066   The ground The address:Of chuzhou in anhui province huai river east road603Number
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