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Shenzhen micro visual photoelectric co., LTD
The color of artificial intelligenceCCDColor separator

Shenzhen micro visual photoelectric co., LTD is a independent inquiry Depending on the technology of hair,Focus on the development and production of intelligent color optional equipment,With advanced smart color pick equipment technology And intelligent photoelectric equipment technology of high-tech enterprises。 As the scale of south China top color optional equipment production research and development base,Company has choose in the beauty industry for many years the exquisite technical personnel team,Research and development more new high quality constantly Color to choose equipment。

In the micro view in line with“The good faith,Quality service”的 The purpose of the enterprise。To establish a global food safety color to choose Prospective,Let us eat assured grain as own duty。Continue to strengthen enterprise management,Improve the quality of products,Make the enterprise management and product quality to achieve high standards level。

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